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3 Home Fitness Tips To Help You Lose Weight

One of the main reasons people exercise is to lose weight or to help manage their weight.  The best way to keep exercising is to have a great home fitness routine.  However, sometimes people are not experiencing the weight loss they expect from exercising regularly.  What could be we be doing wrong?  This is a common question when we are not seeing results.

Here are some tips to help you accomplish your fitness and weight loss goals:

1. Workout Longer

You are working out on a consistent basis for 60 minutes just like many home fitness experts advise, but you are not seeing any results.  The solution may be that you need to workout a little bit longer.  People have different metabolism’ before weight loss kicks in.  You may have to push yourself longer before you start losing weight.

Most fitness experts say you need to reach 75% of your maximum heart rate before you can expect to burn calories.  How to figure out your maximum heart rate.  The general rule is subtract your age from 220 to find your maximum heart rate.  So if you are 40 years old, you want to subtract 40 from to 220 to get 180.  Now multiple 180 by 75% and you will get 135 as your target heart rate to burn calories.  If you have not worked out at this pace you want to condition yourself and consult your doctor to see if you can handle the increased heart rate.

Safety comes before starting a new strenuous workout.

2. Drink More Water

Many people forget the importance of drinking water during the day and while they workout.  Hydrating yourself during your home fitness routine will help in working out longer.  Drinking water will helps keep stomach full and not triggering to your brain you are hungry.  Another tip is to eat a light snack before you workout helps the craving for food during and after your workout.
Do not let this mistake hamper your weight loss goal.  Drinking water has many  health benefits other than just staying hydrated.  Make sure drinking water before and during your workout becomes a habit.

3.  Chart What You are Eating

Starting logging what you are eating during the day.  Many of us eating little snacks here and there throughout the day.  Then when we come home we eat a healthy dinner, but we are still not losing any weight.  Unfortunately many people forget all those snacks, which are low in nutritional value, but high in calories.
A little notebook is helpful when it comes to remembering what we are eating daily.  We are working hard to lose that weight so we do not want it to come right back.  Snacking during the day probably one habit we need to give up to reach our fitness goals.
These tips have helped me lose weight and I hope they will do they same for you.  Home fitness can be difficult because we are on our own and trying to do the right things.  The more tips and ideas we can learn the easier our weight loss will be in the long run.

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