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When the word “plastic surgery” is mentioned to some people, they tend to have the negative notion about it as they would imagine a lot of things like nose lifts, Botox, bust augmentation, and face lifts. The way media presents this medical field is one-sided and with this, viewers and readers would shy away from opening their minds to the wonderful effects of having this industry around.

What the media would fail to highlight is the fact that plastic surgery is not about vanity and self-absorbed wants. Plastic surgery is a medical field which helps people feel good about themselves which eventually would give them the drive to achieve their dreams. Also, medical practitioners exert effort to improve this field making it suitable for all sorts of problems like those of reconstructive plastic surgery. Doctors like Loren Borud continually search to improve ways on delivering good results when it comes to plastic surgery.
People should also not belittle this field just because it deals with how a patient looks. Plastic surgeons continue to push themselves to master this field. One example is Dr. Loren Borud who was born in North Dakota. He attended Stanford University and received his MD from Harvard Medical School. He was trained in General Surgery at UCLA and is also a board certified general surgeon. His Plastic Surgery residency and fellowship education are from New York University. For 8 years, Dr. Borud was a board-certified plastic surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston in which he became an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. If a doctor isn’t passionate about his field, then definitely his credentials would not actually look like this.
And aside from being passionate about this field, Dr. Loren Borud would also share what he has through authoring a book which deals with plastic surgery. At the moment, Dr. Loren Borud is acknowledged and recognized by many associations in the field of plastic surgery like the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and New England Society of Plastic Surgeons. Having all these recognitions does not stop Dr. Borud in setting the bar when it comes to plastic surgery.

He is one of the biggest proofs that this medical field isn’t just made for simple reasons. He continues to strive to make plastic surgery a leading medical field and erase the notion that getting a plastic surgery is all for reason of vanity.

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