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An Exercise Plan For Women

With summer here developing an exercise plan for women is fun. We have so many choices to develop an exercise plan. I want to list my top 4 exercise plans for the summer.

#1 Hit The Trails

If you are like me you probably have a park nearby which has trails for running or walking. Getting outdoors is a key for a great summertime workout. Running in the early morning is an excellent exercise plan for women. Before we have to go to work we can get in a quick 20 to 30 minute run.

One advantage with running at a park is that most trails are dirt or have mulch on them. Running on a dirt trail is not as hard on your knees. Park trails are more favorable than running on streets or neighborhood sidewalks.

#2 Ride a Bike

Riding a bike is another great exercise plan. Riding a bike works your legs (obviously), but also your lower back muscles. Along with running trails at parks many cities now have bike trails made exclusively for bikers. Busy city streets and bikes are not a good mix for a pleasurable workout. Worrying about getting hit by a car is zero fun.

If you have bad knees then riding a bike is a better workout plan than running.

#3 Swimming in a Pool

Nowadays many people have a swimming pool in their backyard. Remember the pool is not just for the kids. Here is an exercise plan for women using the swimming pool. Start slowly at first see about swimming at continuously for 3 to 5 minutes. Yes this is not a lot of time, but believe me once your start swimming 3 minutes will seem like a long time. In time you be able to swim longer time period by swimming at least three days a week.
Swimming is a total body workout: legs, arms, and back muscles, not counting your lungs.

If you not have a swimming pool many health clubs have a lap pool you can use. Using an indoor pool can create a whole year exercise plan around swimming.

#4 Walking in Morning or Evening

An exercise plan for women that most women can do is walking. Walk around the neighborhood in the morning. Early I said running on streets is hard on knees, but walking can safely be done on cement or asphalt. The best way is still to walk on dirt path in park, but if this is not an option then walk on sidewalk or street.

All of these exercise plans for women are meant to help women lose weight and get in better health. If you never do any type of fitness whether home fitness or at a gym then you never will get into shape.

Our bodies are designed to be active and not sit on couch or recliner all day. Take advantage of the summertime weather to develop your own exercise plan. The four exercise plans in this article are made to get you out of the house and into the outdoors.

With these four exercise plans you can switch up your workout everyday so you do not get bored with your workout. By changing your exercise plan you will get into better shape because you probably will not stop once you start.

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