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Best Three Imperative Strategies For Successfully Shedding Weight By Walking

It seems that everyone is looking for easy ways to lose weight nowadays. From joining a costly fitness center, to purchasing expensive home fitness equipment, there are plenty of ways for people to get thinner while also making their wallets thinner! But did you know that one of the best and proven methods for losing weight and keeping it off for a lifetime is so simple that almost anyone can do it and it costs absolutely nothing?

That’s right – losing weight by walking is one of the best methods for losing weight easily and keeping it off. But the question is this: if it is so easy to lose weight and keep it off by walking, then how come there aren’t more people doing it and having success with it? If this method is so easy and successful, then why aren’t more people losing weight by walking?

There are some common pitfalls that people get caught up in which prevent them from being successful with a simple walking for weight loss program. Keep reading to find out how you can avoid those traps and find great success with your walking for weight loss regimen.

Step One: Attitude, Mind Set, Goals and Visualization. The right attitude and mind set is absolutely essential for you to be successful with your walking program. You have got to be determined that you will succeed with this program no matter what. You must believe that you have the ability to be successful and accomplish your goals.

Make this positive attitude adjustment now because when setbacks occur, you will be able to over come them. People who choose to have a failure mindset will allow every little excuse to put up a roadblock to their success. But not you! You will succeed at this – right?

Goals are absolutely essential for your success. You can’t hit a target that doesn’t exist! So set a big goal which will cause you to really work hard to attain – don’t make it something easy. However, you need to break your goal down into smaller milestones which are easier to attain. If you set a big goal of losing 35 pounds, then break it down into losing 5 pounds in the next 5 weeks, then another 5 over the next 4 weeks, etc. until you have accomplished your goal. Celebrate each small milestone of success along the way!

Visualization. This follows right behind attitude and mind set. Once you have determined that you will keep a positive attitude then it is time to put the power of your imagination to work for you. You need to visualize yourself succeeding at this walking program. Imagine how great you will feel when you have dropped your first five pounds! Don’t stop there – keep going.

Imagine how great losing 10 pounds will feel. Imagine the things you will be able to do when you feel better and have lost the weight! This is one of the key success factors that separates the people who succeed from those who simply give up too soon.

Step Two : Tools for success. You have the right attitude, mind set and visualization. Now it’s time to make it a little easier to obtain your targets. The right tools for the job can make all the difference between success and failure. The tools for success with a walking program are very simple and relatively inexpensive. However, you can spend more for some really great gadgets which will help you in the long run but that is not the scope of this article

Shoes, a Journal and a Pedometer. These are the essential tools for a successful walking program. Take the time and spend the money to find a pair of comfortable walking shoes. If you are not comfortable while you walk, then you will quit the program and never achieve your goals. Get good shoes. Then get a pocket journal to record information about the dates and times and miles that you walked each week. Finally, get a good quality pedometer to help you track your steps for each walk.

Step Three: Accountability. Now that you’ve got the right attitude and you have visualized yourself succeeding at your goals, and you have all the tools necessary to help you succeed, it’s time to add one more element which will really help catapult you to success – accountability. You need to have someone hold you accountable for your progress or lack of progress if that is the case.

Simply find someone who is willing to visit with you once a week for a short talk about whether or not you are attaining your goals. Accountability partners are becoming more popular as people realize how effective this strategy is. All you need is someone who will ask you if you took the actions necessary this week to accomplish your goals, and then they will ask to see the proof. You need someone who will not let you off the hook, but instead someone who will gently but firmly hold you accountable to accomplishing your goals. Choose this person wisely.

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