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Food Guide

When Pregnant How Much Food Necessary?

In general, the amount of food needed during pregnancy can be seen in detail below. Details apply to normal pregnancy without interruption. If the pregnancy is interrupted (eg due to excessive vomiting), will require adjustment. For example:

In the first trimester

At the age of 1-3 months of pregnancy can occur due to decreased maternal weight dizziness, nausea and vomiting. In order to avoid foods you should eat small meals but often, for example: milk, juice, crusty bread.

In the second trimester

Mother’s appetite began to improve so that the amount of food as before pregnancy began back in the form of three daily servings of main meals plus 1 snack servings. Dishes animal side dishes such as eggs, fish, meat, and anchovies are very good as well as to reduce the risk of anemia.

In the third trimester

The amount of food in this period should be adjusted to the mother state. If pregnant women are overweight, you should staple (starchy foods such as rice, bread, syrup, pastries) reduced and vegetables and fresh fruits propagated. In addition to helping maintain weight, fruits and vegetables also helps prevent constipation (difficult bowel movements).

If pregnant women experience edema (swelling of the feet), should reduce the salty foods, and limit the use of salt while cooking food.

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