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Healthy Home-made Energy Bars

The fitness market is flooded with sugary gels, drinks, bars, shots, tablets, chews – you name it, the high energy form will probably exist.

Having run a marathon and currently training for my second London marathon, I understand the importance of a quick energy fix when your natural resources are depleted. The body will turn to its fat reserves but eventually you will not be able to maintain the same intensity unless you fuel your fire! Turning your body into an effective fat burning machine takes time and long, slow exercise. It is a worthwhile thing to do but not everyone has the time to invest to become confident that they could run a marathon on bananas and bodyfat, so the energy market provides that ready-made energy for us.

I have explored various whole and natural alternatives to what the fitness market offers and there are viable alternatives for the more health and money conscious of us. In my exploration, I wrote into Triathlon Plus Magazine for another opinion and the answer to my question will appear in issue 26 (out soon!)…

Why go to the effort of making your own energy foods?

• Saves Money
• Tastes Good
• You know it is fresh without hidden nasties (e.g. colourings, preservatives…)

The Rule Free Energy Bar:
Total Time: 30 minutes


• ½ tea spoon Natural vanilla essence
• 2 table spoon Cocoa Nibs/grated dark chocolate (>70% pure cocoa)
• ½ cup almonds
• ½ cup porridge oats
• ½ cup of seeds flax seeds/linseed
• 1 large egg/2 medium eggs (free range)
• 3 table spoons pure coconut oil
• ½ cup nut butter (almond butter or even Tahini)
• 1 tea spoon pure honey
• 1 table spoon powdered cinamon
• Handful of chopped fruit (Dates worked well but cherries, cranberries would all add flavour and calories)


1. Toast your seeds in a frying pan or on a baking tray (Keep a close eye and shake regularly to avoid burning!)
2. Pulse/blend nuts and porridge oats to create ‘nut flour’
3. Add nut flour, nut butter and coconut oil into mixing bowl and heat in the microwave/in a saucepan until oil and butter melt to form a thick and gooey mixture.
4. Add egg into mixture and stir well.
5. Add porridge oats into mixture and stir well.
6. Add seeds, vanilla essence, cinnamon, honey and cocoa nibs to finish mixture.
7. Spread mixture evenly into greased (coconut oil/butter to grease) baking tin/rectangular tray.
8. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 250 degrees for 10-12 minutes.
9. Let the bake tray cool and dry before cutting into bite size pieces. Store in the fridge and eat within 3-5 days.

If mixture is too viscous (it should be quite thick yet moist and gooey) then pulse some more nuts or porridge oats and add to the mixture.

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