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Medical Tourism Destination-The Philippines

A rising star in this relatively new field of medical tourism is the Asian archipelago of the Philippines.

With the government launching a campaign to promote medical tourism to the country, the Philippines are quickly being recognized as a choice tourist destination for both health and vacation.

Calling themselves the “islands of wellness”, Filipino government agencies, private clinics, and hospitals are banding together to make the Philippines “the new hub of wellness and medical care in Asia”.

With medical tourism generating more than one billion dollars in revenue for other Asian nations such as Thailand, India and Malaysia last year, the Philippines is gearing up to compete with some of these other countries for their own piece of the pie.

Because of their desire to be competitive with surrounding Asian nations, the Philippines offer attractive medical tourism packages. These include cost-effective medical treatments combined with a specially planned itinerary that showcases some of the best tourist attractions the Philippines has to offer. Ecotours, adventure tours, and cultural tours are available to suit the traveler’s interests.

The Philippines boasts world-class physicians, state-of-the-art facilities and technology, value for money, and the uniquely Filipino brand of warmth, hospitality and care.

When choosing medical care in the Philippines, you can be assured that you will be in safe hands. Doctors study in the best medical schools in Asia. Many continue their studies in the US, Japan and elsewhere for additional exposure to the latest in health care.

There are numerous world-class medical facilities in the Philippines, including St. Luke’s Medical Center and World Citi Medical Center in Quezon City, as well as Makati Medical Center and Metropolitan Medical Center in Manila. The Philippines also boasts a number of respected specialty clinics and some of the world’s best spa retreat resorts.

You can look forward to a faster and better recovery after your procedure as you relax and pamper yourself with the uniquely Filipino blend of spa treatments in some of the world’s best spa resorts.

Medical care in the Philippines offers great value for money, with procedures costing as little as 30% to 50% less than elsewhere. For example, while a coronary bypass would set you back to the tune of $50,000 in the US, you may pay as little as $25,000 for the same procedure at facilities that are as good or better than their counterparts in the US.

The Philippines also promises clinical expertise, facilities, and comparable success rates to developed nations like the US and European nations.

The Philippines provides the medical tourist a complete range of medical care, treatment, surgical procedures, and preventative medicine. Some of the most common procedures offered to the medical traveler in the Philippines include cosmetic and plastic surgery, dermatology, weight loss surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry.

If you are looking to combine health care with an enjoyable vacation, consider the Philippines as a promising destination. This beautiful tropical paradise has much to offer, and may be just what you’re looking for!

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