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Medical Tourism-Patient Amenities and Services

Maybe you’ve been considering medical tourism for your healthcare needs, but you’ve been wondering what kind of patient amenities and services the hospitals have to offer.

Medical tourism is on the rise and in the news. Are you wondering what the big deal is? Wouldn’t you love to have your medical needs taken care of in world-class hospital facilities, by doctors whose training and experience rivals the best the medical field can offer, while surrounded by the luxury of five-star accommodations? to get a clear idea, let’s take a look at a couple.

Bumrungrad International
in Bangkok, Thailand, has established its reputation as one of Newsweek’s top ten international healthcare destinations for 2006. When you walk into the hospital’s doors, you feel more like you’ve wandered into an upscale shopping center or perhaps a five-star hotel than into a medical facility.

Equipped with shops, restaurants, and an international patient center capable of providing translation into as many as eight different languages (not counting Thai and English, which are widely spoken and understood), Bumrungrad International takes its patient care seriously.

In-house support from their concierge services includes secretarial services, typing, copying, printing, and faxing services, messenger and courier services, internet access, PC and other equipment rental, and both local and overseas phone calls, as well as entertainment media available, ensuring that you need never feel too far from home.

The hospital’s accommodations for your stay range from a lower-priced four-bedded room to a royal suite complete with separate living room and patient room, a granite dining table that seats eight, a private marble bathroom with shower, and a second marble bathroom with shower, two large TVs, both equipped with VCRs, a granite kitchen with full bar, a refrigerator, microwave oven, an in-room personal safe, and two cordless phones. Outpatient accommodations are arranged by a reputable travel agency to ensure that you have the best arrangements to suit your unique needs.

In India, the Apollo Hospitals Group, with international patient facilities in six cities nationwide is leading the field in Indian medical tourism. In collaboration with the renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the Apollo Group hopes to jointly develop state-of-the-art concepts, technology, tests and operating systems in healthcare services, clinical research and medical education.

Their International Patient Services Center provides local travel arrangements, airport transfers, coordination of doctor’s appointments, accommodations for relatives and attendants, locker facilities, as well as provision for cuisine options and language interpreters. They make arrangements with leading resort chains for post-operative recuperation as well.

The accommodations range from a general ward of six to ten beds sharing a common bathroom to an air-conditioned Apollo Suite, comprised of a patient room, a dining room, and a waiting room. The suite is equipped with a patient bed and an attendant bed, TV, phone, living room area, refrigerator, dining table, computer with internet connection, microwave oven and wardrobe.

The hospital group’s amenities include ATMs, gift shops, a cafeteria, e-mail and computers, laundry facilities, prayer rooms, translation services, room service, translation services, travel services, vending machines, and friendly, helpful bilingual volunteers.

These are just two of the many world-class hospitals and facilities available to the discerning medical traveler. They offer a shining example of what a growing number of international hospitals have to offer the medical tourist. Many can be explored through a virtual tour online at their websites.

If you’ve been considering medical tourism, why not check out these or one of the many other excellent hospitals and medical centers that are striving to build their reputations to offer the best quality in medical care, accommodations and amenities, and patient services. You may find yourself so pleased with the overall medical travel experience that you will be wishing, as others have done, that you’d found them sooner!

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