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Miscarriage Risk

Miscarriage Risk

Cigarette Smoke Causes Miscarriage Risk

Women trying to conceive should distance himself from cigarette smoke. Although it is not smoking, but inhaling cigarette smoke, would make it difficult to get pregnant. And if you’re pregnant, it will be easy to have a miscarriage in the first days of pregnancy.

Smoking is known to adversely affect health. But as passive smoking, which often occurs in women who have husbands smokers, in addition to adversely affect his health, will also make it difficult to have children.

Research in China in 526 women who did not smoke but my husband has smokers, more than 20 cigarettes a day, it showed 80 percent of them had a miscarriage within 6 weeks of pregnancy compared with women who do not have a smoker husband. Was when the husband smoked but less than 20 cigarettes a day, continued to show an increased risk of miscarriage in her. Women of heavy smokers husband also will have difficulty getting pregnant.

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