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Most Effective Exercise To Beat Stress

Looking for a stress-busting workout that delivers fat burning and muscle-building results?

Look no further than high intensity interval training.

Won’t any exercise reduce stress? Yes. However, if you are looking for the most effective method, kick up the intensity.

Consider the body’s natural stress response:

When you encounter a challenge, a mix of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are released, which in turn initiates the release of large amounts of sugar into the blood stream. The body releases sugar because unlike fat, sugar can be burned quickly, providing exceptional performance (like out running a saber tooth tiger).

The large increase in sugar is meant to be followed by movement – intense movement. Intense movement is the only thing that will burn up the sugar and return the body to a relaxed state.

Intense movement depletes sugar stores and causes you to get out of breath (become non-aerobic, for you fitness folks). This leads to a large accumulation of various substances (lactic acid, being one), which signals the release of human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone.

When the threat is over, the chemical combination of cortisol, HGH, testosterone, and adrenaline work synergistically to burn fat, build muscle, and make you leaner, faster, and stronger. Essentially, they make you ready to take on (and win) another challenge.

In addition, the intense movement signals other changes in the body, including a feeling of energized relaxation. Ahhhh….

Today’s Chronic Stress

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we rarely engage in high-intensity movement when we encounter stress. This intense movement is needed to return our body back to a state of relaxation.

Without intense movement, our bodies remain in a state of chronic stress. The negative effects of stress are well known, spanning from poor eating and sleeping habits to fatal diseases.

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