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Proven Natural Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Are you experiencing thinning hair, hair shedding, or receding hairline for weeks or several months now? These are all signs of hair loss, and you may want to consult a medical professional to ensure there are no underlying medical causes of why you are shedding scalp hair untimely. Let’s face it, hair loss is a problem people have been facing since time immemorial. The problem comes as an intrinsic part of aging but this type of balding is medically known as androgenetic apolecia or hair loss as commonly experienced by men but it also occurs in women. However, it is unfortunate that about 50% of men experience hair loss problem when approaching the age 50, and although some do fear of having to face their image in the mirror with a receding hairline, many still hope it will never actually occur.

To be on the safe side, you can resort to natural home remedies instead than following commercial medications that may allegedly cause certain serious side effects.

The natural home remedies for hair loss treatment is also increasingly gaining mass appeal due to the growing evidences around. These home remedies for hair loss treatments have been found relatively effective in curtailing hair shedding. Here are some of the proven remedies:

Saw palmetto – this palm-like plant from the southeastern U.S. is a popular herb for decreasing the size of enlarged prostates, but most importantly, its extracts contain sterols and fatty acids that block the activity of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Besides its potential effectiveness in preventing hair loss, saw palmetto is one of the natural scalp treatments hair loss. Saw palmetto preparation can be applied directly on the scalp.

Boarage Oil – Extracts contain omega-3 fatty acids that may prevent further hair shedding.

Stinging Nettle – Used for centuries as a hair tonic, and said to revitalize hair regrowth and hair color.

Apple skin – Is another potential natural hair loss treatment agent. Some scientific studies found apple procyanidins enzyme to have hair regrowth promoting capacity.

Black cohosh – Is renowned for its ability to manage hormonal imbalance, particularly regulating estrogen levels. In fact, it is regularly included in the ingredients of natural hair loss treatments products.

Licorice – is another herb of European origin, is a popular ingredient in natural hair loss treatments herbal products. It works like black cohosh in regulating estrogen levels.Thus following the aforesaid natural home remedies for hair loss, you can rest assure to deal with the embarrassing problem successfully.

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