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Sickle Cell Disease – Their Types and Cures

Red blood cells are an important part of our body. Their main function is to transfer oxygen to all the tissues in the body with the help of hemoglobin, via the circulatory system. Therefore for the proper flow of oxygen in the body, it is necessary that these cells are kept healthy. However they too suffer from a disease. This disease is known as the sickle cell disease.

So what is this disease viagra soft and how does it affect our body? The normal red blood cell is round in shape, just like a disc. But when a person is suffering from the sickle cell disease, his red blood cells take the shape of a sickle i.e. they are shaped like a crescent. When this disease develops, the hemoglobin within the cell too becomes abnormal, resulting in the change of shape of the red blood cells.

This irregular shape of the cells blocks the normal flow of blood in the body, especially in the limbs and organs. These organs do not receive enough supply of oxygen and this could result in pain, infections and can even damage the normal functioning of the organs in the body.

Online acomplia Arial,sans-serif: There are different forms of this disease. The sickle cell disease is an inherited disease. That is why the buy cheap drugs type of disease affecting a person will depend upon the type of genes that rimonabant he has inherited from both his parents.

• If the person inherits a sickle cell gene from both the parents, he is said to be suffering from sickle cell anemia also known as the hemoglobin SS disease.

• If a person inherits a sickle cell gene from one parent and some other abnormal gene from another parent, he is said to be suffering from hemoglobin SC disease or hemoglobin S beta thalassemia.

• And is a person inherits a sickle cell gene from one parent and a normal gene from the other, he will have the sickle cell trait. This is not a disease until it is confirmed via blood test and other diagnostic methods.

Cheap kamagra smal: This disease mostly is detected during birth when the blood tests are conducted. Once buy cialis detected, a bone marrow transplant is the only cure for this disease. buy levaquin Other option is taking regular medication to curb the pains and infections arising, if a child has been diagnosed with this disease.

Taking their proper care, especially in the first few years is very critical. This has to be given at home and as well as from your doctors and disease experts.

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