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Sleep Position Tips

Sleep Position Tips

During pregnancy arrived, sleeping position is often a problem for the majority of mothers. This is because the stomach getting bigger, so that mothers are no longer comfortable in several positions sleep. Not to mention the added with a cramp in the body, and the baby’s movements in the womb.

Prone sleeping position is safe for pregnant women. But generally the first trimester of pregnancy, the mother will undergo breast augmentation. Breasts will also feel more sensitive, causing inconvenience to sleep. And well as your stomach begins to enlarge (14 weeks early), sleep on his stomach became very uncomfortable because you have to put the legs on the pillow to sleep on his stomach because the stomach which began to swell.

As for the supine sleeping position, it is not recommended after 16 weeks of pregnancy the mother stepped on. to sleep on their backs because you will put the entire weight of the uterus to the back, intestines, and the inferior vena cava.

Sleep on their backs can also increase the risk of back pain, constipation, and indigestion, disrupting breathing, and circulation.

Supine sleeping position in the second and third trimesters also affect blood pressure. For some women, causing a drop in blood pressure, causing them to feel dizzy. For another, even can increase blood pressure. But sleeping on your back is not recommended for pregnancy with high blood pressure.

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