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Sleeping Pills

Sleeping Pills

Sleeping Pills for short term use only!

First, it must be understood that if you do decide to go the slipping pill route it is only a short term solution. Though sleep pills have been made to be safer they still pose a risk.

New Sleep aids reign supreme over the barb days

The newer drugs (Ambien, Sonata, and Halcion) are much more sleep-friendly than their predecessors. Back in the days of barbiturate pills over doses were much higher and waking up the next morning was akin to a train-wreck. In short, always ask your doctor and also do your own homework.

Sleeping pills come in many forms. Over The Counter medications like Tylenol PM and Melatonin have been used by many. Melatonin actually has very positive effects for shift workers and is often recommended by doctors.
Stepping up to the next level gets you into the prescription class. Everything from Ambien to Trazadone is prescribed.

See your doc

Again, it is suggested that you do your homework and seek a doctor’s recommendation before venturing into the use of sleeping pills. Long term use is not a good thing. Short term use may be what you need to get a night or two of overdue rest.

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