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Some Tried and Trusted Home Remedies for Acne

Nowadays, it is very easy to observe many people switching back to the use of old traditional methods for curing common illness and diseases. As a result of which the use of commercial treatment is gradually diminishing from the picture in certain instances.

Incidentally, we are descending into the details of home remedies for acne, which is both convenient and economical for every patient to follow at home. So without beating about the bush, let’s take a look at some of the basic tips with regards to home remedies acne.

1. One of the effective home remedies acne is toothpaste that can cut the growth of acnes back from mushrooming. Apply some amount of toothpaste before you sleep and you will be surprised to witness the dramatic and instant effect the next morning.

2. The blend of lemon juice with rosewater in equal proportion is another great remedy for acne removal. Just apply the solution over you face and was the face off only after 30 minutes. Its regular application will not only virtually remove your acnes and pimples, but also the scars that leave behind after they vanish.

3. Apply fresh mint juice on the affected part of your face.

4. Strawberry leaves can also ensure good results for acne removal.

5. The orange peel and cucumber are highly effective in the home acne treatment. All you need to do is mash it or blend it, mix with some water to form a paste before applying on the affected area of your face.

6. Make a paste of turmeric powder and mint juice and apply it on the acne. Let it be there for at least 30 minutes and finally wash it off with clean, lukewarm water.

7. The use of cooking spices like vinegar and salt has also become common for the home remedies acne. After you have mixed the two well, you can just apply over the acnes or pimples. Leave the paste as it is for at least 10 to 20 minutes before finally washing it off with lukewarm water.

8. If your face skin is not allergic to garlic, then you can readily follow the application of some fresh garlic on the pimples and acnes. They will vanish after repeated applications.

Alongside of the aforesaid home remedies for acne, it is also worthwhile to include proper vitamin supplement in your diet with lots of water and regular exercise and that will make a huge difference in the skin condition for certain.

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