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The 6 Training Steps

To Faster Results

The 6 Training Steps give you a process to follow to streamline your path toward your goals. This method allows you to make objective training decisions regardless of the exercises and program you are using.

Each step is part of a dynamic system that gives you valuable feedback for making the correct adjustments to keep you on pace toward achieving your goals on the dates you establish.

A brief summary of the 6 Training Steps is presented below, followed by introductions to each step and links to their respective pages. An additional page illustrates how to track your progress.

  1. Set your goals.Goal setting involves establishing long-term and short-term goals that your training program will help your achieve. SeeSetting Goals
  2. Test yourself.Take inventory! Assess where you are using fitness assessments, weight lifting exercises, and (for athletes) sport skill tests. SeeFitness Assessment

    If you are training for a sport, you should also analyze skills on which you want to improve. You can then design your program to match the demands of your sport. Select test items will make good indicators of your progress. See Sports Training

    If you are training for fitness only, see Fitness Workout Programs

  3. Design your program.In this step you develop a long-range strategic plan to achieve your goals and your vision. The overall design pulls all the parts of training together into a single cohesive plan. Your weight workout program is a component of your long-rangeExercise Training Program
  4. Implement your program.Now that you have designed your personalized training program, it’s time to use it! For some tips about carrying out your weight lifting program, seeWeight Lifting
  5. Evaluate your progress.Conduct your fitness evaluation in the same way as in Step 2. This step provides areport card that shows the extent to which your weight training program is improving your performance. It provides mile markers of your progress toward your goals and your vision. See Fitness Evaluation
  6. Revise your program. Revisit your goals and the design of your program based on your evaluation in Step 5 of the Training Steps. Make adjustments to your program before each of thephases of trainingin which ever ways make sense. Add assessments if they will help you evaluate your progress after you complete the next training program phase.

    After Step 6, close the loop by going back to Step 4 and implement the next training phase. Continue the pattern of training and evaluation. Track your progress over time until you reach your goals.

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