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The Rate of Survival in the Case of Stomach Cancer

There are different types of cancer that can affect the body. The types are based on the parts of the body that have been hit with the cancer. They are skin cancer, blood cancer, throat cancer, breast cancer, etc. One of the most common types of cancer is stomach cancer. It is a cancer that develops in the stomach and slowly spreads to the other organs in the body. There are many symptoms seen in the case of stomach cancer like indigestion, nausea, weight loss, bloating, etc. But the bad news is that these symptoms can be observed only after the cancer has reached the advance stages.

After that only surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. could be the ways out of it. The only options we have are to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of stomach cancer. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding smoking, etc. are the ways in which we can reduce the possibilities of developing this cancer.

This becomes very important, especially if we have a look at the survival rates of stomach cancer. It is said to cause almost 1 million deaths every year. As the symptoms occur at an advanced stage, diagnosis is late, the treatment begins even later than that and as such the survival rates are not very good. The later the stage the lesser is the possibility of it getting cured. The grade of the cancer determines the rate at which the cells are growing and affecting the other parts of the body. The grade too determines the extent to which the cancer can be cured. So, earlier the stage and lower the grade, higher will be the rate of survival for a person affected by stomach cancer.

The current survival rate for a period of 5 years is 20%. This means that only 1 person amongst 5 suffering from stomach cancer will survive. But if the cancer has been detected at an early stage almost 75% of the people can make out of it. Regarding the stages of cancer, only 1% of the cases are detected in the first stage, around 20% in the second or the third stage and the remaining bulk of 80% cases are detected only in the fourth and the fifth stages and the survival rates in these stages is the lowest. It is better to try and prevent stomach cancer. Although there are treatments available, they do come with a lot of risks.

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