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To Be Fit or Not to Be…That is the Question

To be fit, or not to be fit. What does that mean? People struggle day in and day out with losing weight or improving their performance in sport.  It doesn’t have to be that way though.

To be truly fit requires motivation, persistence, and positive thoughts, even when you don’t feel like being motivated, positive or persistent. That’s what separates those who get results and the people who don’t.

I cannot stress enough how important positive thinking is to your results. Think about it for a second, call yourself a pig long enough and you’ll find yourself eating like one. Keep telling yourself that you’re ugly, fat, and disgusting and I’ll bet my life that your actions will become that of a ugly, fat and disgusting person.

On the other hand, fit people may have bad days, but it will never effect their thinking. They’ll say, “I’ve had the worst day today, but you know what? Tomorrow will be phenomenal!” Even during turmoil, fit people don’t allow their health to be affected. This is because they know that if they allow their health to falter they are of no good to anyone.

Fit people are not born with this trait; this trait of persistance, motivation for success, and positive thinking is trained every day.We hone this these traits as if it were a skill, much like a sniper who must hit their target with just one shot. Much like exercise for the body you must train your mind ten times as much.

A strong mind equates to a strong body. Without a strong mind, without mental fitness, your physical fitness will most definitely suffer. This is because weaker minded people are more likely to cancel sessions in the gym. They are more likely to be emotional eaters, turning to food in any stressful situation.

Negative thoughts lead to negative behaviors. My friend, I implore you to change this. Change your way of thinking, find ways to overcome stress, grief and out of control emotions. You will thank yourself for it and your body will thank you as well.

Don’t train your mind with reinforced negative behaviors. Don’t be stuck in body that feels like a trap. When you’re overweight or obese, things always look more gloomy than what appears. You must continue to fight even when you feel like giving up on it all.

You cannot fail yourself. Wake up everyday not looking forward to what horrible things can happen, but look forward to how you can touch somebody’s life that day. Train yourself to look forward to your training sessions. You must feed your subconscious mind with positive affirmations every day.

Every day you must tell yourself that I’m the best, that no one will stop you from reaching the gym. No one can stop you from having a smile on your face. Tell yourself that I will be lean, I will have a flat stomach, and I will eat healthy every day. Say to yourself that the person I see before me is not who I really am. Tell yourself that I am not overweight, I am not disgusting, I am not a ugly, fat pig.

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