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Using Bamboo in Training

When I found out that Bamboo was a clothing company that prides itself on its green credentials and high quality products, I was very keen to get hold of one of their sleek looking Baselayers for training in and sharing the outcome with my readers.

Bamboo’s Green Credentials

The name Bamboo is directly relevant to the company’s products and the Baselayer that I have tested is made from 70% bamboo, 26% cotton and 4% lycra. I had never heard of bamboo fibre before coming from the plant itself and I was intrigued to feel this material on my skin.

“You Will End Up Living in It”

This is what Bamboo says about its Zip Neck Baselayer. Do I believe them? Heck yes! As soon as I removed the packaging, the soft and spongy feel of the fabric immediately told me this would be a comfortable fitting garment. Besides the training I have done in this baselayer, I have found myself wearing it (when clean) in the evenings to lounge in simply because it gives you that comfort factor.

The sizing guide on Bamboo’s website was accurate and a Men’s Medium fits my 38 chest snugly as intended. The top is long in the body which I see as a bonus (read why below).

A Baselayer For Runners?

As these photos show, the top is long in the body and sleeve. I am 6 foot 3 inches and the Medium sized top is long enough to fit down to the top of my thigh. This is great because I am fed up with training gear that rides up when you run (or cycle) leaving your lower back exposed to a chill.

Due to its elastic properties the top stays securely in place when running both tucked in or out of your shorts. My favourite aspects for running in this baselayer were:

• Good length arms with thumb loops to keep wrists warm.
• It stays tucked in no matter what you do.
• A zip neck offers great ventilation opportunity to release heat or retain warmth whilst running.
• The natural bamboo component is extremely absorbant and this helps to wick away sweat when running.
• The construction and stretch in the fabric makes this comfortable for running in and does not restrict your natural running style.

A Baselayer For the Gym?

It is the one place where blokes can get away with wearing a vest if they wish but with the rise of baselayers and compression clothing, vests seem to be a thing of the bodybuilding past. I found my BAM Baselayer to be practical for a weight/cardio gym workout. It was not restrictive and yields naturally to movement whilst retaining its original shape (a property from the natural bamboo!). Most importantly it ventilates well. The Zip neck means you can get a quick heat release if needs be and actually opens a good way down the chest. The shape of the baselayer and nature of fabric is close fitting and shows off your physique (which hopefully you are or will be proud of), so even former vest wearers can still show off those muscles in this top.

An Organic Baselayer

Bamboo Clothing is proud to present itself as a sustainable clothing company. The company makes a huge effort to manufacture bamboo into fabric in a sustainable way and with bamboo growing quickly and organically, I can feel good when wearing my BAM Baselayer. I have tried many baselayers over the years and can honestly say this is the most naturaly comfortable. Others can itch and rub on the skin more as they are made from nylon and cotton. There are many positives which come from using Bamboo but here are some of the most beneficial for me in practice:

• Incredibly comfy, snug and warm, a real treat against the skin.
• Smell resistant, so you could actually wear just one top for a sustained period.
• Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture 3-4 times more than cotton. Combined with its breathable properties,this helps to wick away moisture
• Bam garments achieved a score of 50 on the UPF scale (Ultraviolet Protection Scale), which amounts to a 98% reduction in UV activity reaching your skin making it a great outdoor garment.

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