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Want to Get Britney Spears’ Present Figure? Try the Britney Spears Diet

What is the Britney Spears diet? First of all, we all know who Britney Spears is. She made famous the songs “Oops I Did It Again”, “Baby One More Time”, “Piece of Me” and many others that have made their way into the charts. She started out as a teenage singer and her vocals, dance moves and innocent looks captured the hearts of many, making her the “Pop Princess”. She continued rising to fame despite having singing rivals like Christina Aguilera. She had a very blissful life being in a relationship with former Mickey Mouse Club co-member and singer Justin Timberlake. After they broke up, Britney continued her singing career with a new image. She threw away the “good girl” looks and settled for more mature music videos. She made music videos that started comments about her bad girl style. This was the time that her life became full of controversies. First, she married a guy and broke up with him the following day. Then, after a few months, she married her backup dancer Kevin Federline. She became pregnant with Federline as father. She then bore another child after some months, and then she and Federline filed for divorce. She lost custody of her children, triggering her to mess up her life. Through this period, she gained serious weight and her once perfect figure just disappeared in thin air. An effective diet seemed impossible for Britney Spears. Everyone thought it was hopeless. She continued living like this until she finally released a comeback album named “Circus”.

With her return, everyone noticed the change in her body. The once flab-rich Britney has regained her sexy shape, just in time for her album promotion.  Britney Spears’ diet became a big question. Britney lost an estimated — do not be surprised — 26 pounds in a month’s time! People, mostly celebrities, have been trying in vain to lose that much and their efforts only pay off after several months, making them want to ask about Britney Spears’ diet. . So what is this Britney Spears diet everybody is now talking about? People knew that it was through the Britney Spears Diet that she attained that body. What makes the Britney Spears diet the new talk of the town? The Britney Spears Diet is the diet she used for regaining her once famous body. The Britney Spears Diet is simple. What Britney Spears does is remove sugar in her daily diet. Instead of fruits or fruit juices that contains high levels of sugar, she prefers chicken or salmon with rice. Avocados are part of the “Britney Spears Diet” as well. In the morning, she prefers egg white and for lunch she eats turkey burgers. The Britney Spears diet shows her eagerness to get her shape back.  She formulated this kind of diet for her and for others who are looking to shed some pounds as well. With the  Britney Spears diet, she managed to maintain an average of 1,200 calories per day. Also in the said Britney Spears’ diet, she drinks coffee with “Equal” rather than buying from Starbucks. And of course, Britney Spears diet would not be effective at that short span of time if it was not for the help of some workout. Aside from her famed “diet”, Britney Spears has been lifting weight and a lot of cardio 5 days a week. Junk foods were removed from Britney Spears’ diet as well.

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