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Weekend Home Fitness Products

The weekend I want to focus on products you can use to set up your own home fitness gym.

Finding good home fitness products today is not difficult.  Today I want review some great home fitness products you can use to create your home gym.

The home gym has become more and more popular in recent years.  Many homes built today have basements with nice 8 to 10 foot ceilings.  Having high ceilings is necessary if you plan to have some home fitness machines such as one of those multi-gym machines.  You know the one’s where you can work your arms, legs and back muscles all on one machine.

The first products are items you can use in the comfort of your family room or in your home gym:

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 – Great Home Fitness DVD from Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels 6-Week Six-Pack – Workout program from Jillian Michaels to get those six-pack abs for the summer

P90X: Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program – Popular fitness program we have seen ads on TV past couple years.  One of the best total body workouts you can do with minimal fitness equipment needed.

Now here are some true home gym machines you can buy to create your very own home gym:

LifeSpan Treadmill – Treadmills are necessary for the total gym because you want to do cardio along with weight training.

Horizon Fitness EX-57 Elliptical Trainer – If you cannot run due to bad knees or do not want to develop bad knees then an elliptical trainer is a great option for cardio.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym – Bowflex has been around for over 20 years with their home fitness machines.  Bowflex machines can do multiple exercises all on one convenient machine.

Setting up your own home fitness gym is fun and exciting.  Regardless of your budget you can create a quality home gym for $50 to $100.  Of course you can spend $500 to $3,000 and have the complete workout you would expect from any gym.

Regardless of the amount you spend on your home fitness gym you still have to do the exercises and put in the time yourself.  No one can do your workout except you.  I have found the more you invest the more likely you are to stay on your fitness program.

Good luck and have a great weekend.

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