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What is Olivia Herbal Bleach and its benifit

Olivia Herbal Bleach is a gentle bleach specially formulated for sensitive skin. It is a unique non-irritant herbal bleach cream which contains the goodness of Chandan, Haldi, Aloe Vera and Nimbu which together makes your skin beautiful and fairer day by day. It is the ultimate solution that helps to fade unwanted hair growth on the face, body and arms. Unlike ordinary bleaches, Olivia Herbal Bleach not only helps to bleach hair till the roots but also nourishes the skin with its rejuvenating properties. This skin illuminator has multiple benefits. It lightens facial hair flawlessly to match the skin tone giving you a fresh and radiant look.

Olivia Herbal Bleach from Olivia Naturals: Natural herbal bleach for sensitive skin:

Olivia Herbal Bleach is the first ever herbal bleach to be launched in both India and worldwide. It is made from a combination of herbal extracts such as Aloe Vera, Chandan, Haldi and Nimbu. Aloe Vera helps to add life to the skin, Haldi works as an effective anti-oxidant and protects the skin from inflammation, Chandan soothes the skin thereby giving the skin a fair glow and Nimbu works wonders as an effective antiseptic.


To remove unwanted hair growth on-
Key ingredients:

Each uncoated tablet is made of:
Hydrogen Peroxide
Activated Charcoal
Ammonium Charcoal
Cramp bark
Directions to use:

Take one spoon (spatula) of activator together with 4 spatula cream.
Thoroughly mix it for 2 minutes. Always remember that crystals of powder must dissolve completely in the cream.
Close the power activator bottle tightly after use.
Wash the area that will be bleached with cold water. Dry normally.
Spread the mixture in the opposite direction of the hair, covering the hair completely.
Remove it after 15 minutes and wash the bleached area with cold water. Reapply the mixture for another 10 minutes if the area is not bleached fully.
Avoid applying the bleach especially around the eyes (eyelids, eyebrows, etc.)
(Note: Olivia Herbal Bleach is not recommended for those having a history of allergy or with extra sensitive skin)

Benefits of Olivia Herbal Bleach:

Olivia Herbal Bleach is a unique, gentle, non-irritant bleach formulated for sensitive skin.
Along with bleaching, its natural ingredients Chandan, Aloe Vera, Nimbu and Haldi also nourish the skin and gives it a fair and radiant look.
This bleach cream gently fades unwanted hair from arms, body and face.
It bleaches hair till the roots.
It lightens facial hair flawlessly to match the skin tone.

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