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What is the composition of Gokshura

Research conducted at chemical pharmaceutical research institute in Sofia, Bulgaria supportEvery capsule of this herbal medicine contains 250 mg of Gokshura extract
What are the benefits of Gokshura?
Gokshura is a natural remedy to treat depressed libido and erectile dysfunction
It toughens penile tissues and improves penile erection
It has aphrodisiac properties which help in increasing the semen quantity.
Increases testosterone level in male as it’s a nonhormonal biostimulator
It facilitates in lowering cholesterol levels in blood and regulates effect on blood sugar
It helps relive headaches and migraine
It helps in removing kidney stones, heals bladder infection and also urinary tract infection
It eliminates dysuria ( bleeding and pain while urinating)
It heals crystalluria ( crystal in urine)
It also works against diseases like diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus.
How to take Gokshura (Dose)?
Gokshura can be taken twice a day, one tablet before meal. This dose can vary as per the direction of the doctor.
Precautions while taking Gokshura
This medicine must not be consumed by children below 14 years of age
Although an herbal medicine, still it must be taken only by the recommendation of a doctor
Even if the person faces similar symptoms that are healed by Gokshura then also this medicine must not be taken without doctor’s consent.
If the person is sensitive to the use of any drug even if it’s not herbal, the same must be informed to the doctor
The doctor must be informed if the patient has any other health problem or is under any kind of medication
What are the side effects of Gokshura?
No major side-effects have been known so far in top medical journals
Minor side effects may or not happen, it depends on the medical history of the person
In case the person taking this herbal medicine faces any sort of discomfort then he must immediately stop the medication and rush to the doctor
How to store Gokshura?
Always store in cool dry place irrespective of the weather
Follow the direction of storage mentioned over the medicine’s labels the traditional beliefs of Gokshura benefits

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