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Workout Safety Prevents Serious Training Injuries

Workout safety procedures should be followed during before, during, and after your exercise routine. Gym rules should be posted in every weight room.

The following rules foster a safe training environment:

1. Remove all jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets can get caught or be pressed against your body, causing pain and/or injury.
2. Wear clothing that allows you to move without restriction. If exercises involve lifting the bar close to your legs (cleans, deadlifts), be sure that your pants cover your thighs.

3. Wear athletic shoes that provide protection as well as traction against the floor to avoid slipping.

4. Bring a towel to wipe perspiration off of you and the equipment.

5. Wear joint support devices, as needed.

6. Keep the floor clear. You or others may trip on weights, bars, or other objects left in workout areas.

7. Use clamps to secure plates on free weight bars.

8. If the ends of a bar hang well over the uprights or rack, making it unstable, be careful when removing and adding weights.

9. Always maintain good posture and a flat back for all exercises. Rounding the back makes the spine vulnerable to serious injury.

Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain, who sponsored a women’s track and field team, watches the competition at the National Championships in California.

10. Don’t overload the bar and attempt a lift that you for which you are not prepared. Remember, gradual and progressive. See The Principle of Overload

11. Do not attempt maximum lifts without proper conditioning.

12. Make lifting movements smooth and fluid. Don’t bounce or jerk weights or slam plates against each other on machines. Fluid movements are especially important for execution of the Power Clean and Snatch.

13. Check that your grip is even, particularly when using free weights. Equalize your grip by measuring your thumb length against the smooth and rough (knurled) sections of the bar.

14. Always use spotters and sturdy weight racks for safety on heavy lifts.

15. Keep children out of the workout area.

Workout safety protects you and everyone else in the training area. Senseless accidents resulting in injuries can be avoided if gym safety rules are observed.

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