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Your Concise Guide To Medical Tourism In Asia

If you or someone you know is considering medical tourism, there are important safety facts you need to know…

What if you could afford the health care you deserve without going bankrupt or spending thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses?

More and more consumers are realizing they can get the healthcare they need overseas without going bankrupt in the process. The problem with health today is far too many people can’t afford it. That is rapidly changing however…

Even better, what if you can vacation simultaneously?

While it sounds too good to be true, medical tourism is gaining popularity and recognition as a safe, cost effective and convenient method of healthcare delivery.

If you or someone you know needs costly medical procedures, and can’t afford healthcare in their home country, you are about to discover a new way of ensuring your well being… without spending your life savings.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to recover from medical procedures in the sun filled sand? Perhaps your idea of rest and relaxation involves touring exotic locales. Most consumers aren’t aware that for the price they pay for surgery in their home country, they can enjoy the same quality healthcare abroad, enjoy a vacation… and still have money left over.

More and more consumers are left without choices when it comes to their healthcare. Rapidly escalating costs associated with necessary medical procedures have resulted in many people going without the healthcare the need and deserve.

Fortunately there are choices for consumers who want quality healthcare without breaking the bank.

Have you heard of medical tourism? If you haven’t you are about to learn about a new trend that may prove life saving… or life enhancing… for you and your family members.

What is medical tourism? It involves traveling to countries other than one’s home country to obtain quality health, dental and surgical care. In recent years medical tourism has exploded in part due to the excessive costs associated with enjoying healthcare in most industrialized countries.

Many tourists are pleasantly surprised at the ease of which they can receive care, and the affordability of health care in other countries.

Even better? Most realize the same if not better quality healthcare abroad as they might in their home country.

Medical tourism is for anyone, for everyone.If you are:

– Uninsured or Underinsured

– Self-insured

– Self-employed

– Seeking voluntary surgery at an affordable cost

– Looking for high quality alternatives to traditional over-expensive procedures…

You can now afford a face lift or kidney transplant without going bankrupt. More and more consumers are traveling thousands of miles from their home, paying one-third the cost of healthcare and not compromising quality.

The Cost Of Surgery In Many Asian Nations Is Often One Third Or Less That In The U.S. And Europe…

A life-saving heart valve replacement may cost more than $200,000 in the United States. Imagine if you only had to pay $10,000 for the same surgery at a top notch, world renowned international surgery center?

More and more people are recognizing they can enjoy the benefits of medical tourism. And, you don’t have to travel for major surgery only. You can for example, get a dental bridge overseas for as little as $500 in many cases… a procedure that may cost thousands of dollars in the United States.

What if there was a concise guide that provided you all the information you needed to make smart choices about medical care overseas?

Now there is! Sun & Surgery: Your Concise Guide to Medical Tourism is a concise guide to the top five Asian destinations for medical tourism. If you are looking for affordable, high quality medical services you can’t afford from home, you’ve come to the right place!

Here is just a small sample of what you’ll learn when you invest in Sun & Surgery: Your Concise Guide to Medical Tourism in Asia:

– Discover what it is and how it can help you realize your health and fitness goals…

– Find out how you can get your insurance to pay for overseas treatment in Asia…

– Learn why Asia is gaining popularity and recognition for its high quality and low cost medical services…

– Find out how you can select the country of your choice while enjoying medical tourism…

– Discover the visa requirements of all countries offering medical tourism…

– Find out how you can receive top notch medical care and enjoy a vacation and still spend a fraction of what you would on medical services in the States…

– Learn what the risks of medical tourism are… and how to avoid them…

– Discover unique tourist attractions in each of the top five Asian surgical destinations…


More and more people are traveling to foreign countries to enjoy health care services they can’t afford in their homeland.

It is important you have choices when it comes to your healthcare. You deserve choices. You deserve the best.

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